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How to Book a party in the garden

  • You must make a booking for any party with more than 15 guests, or a party of any size if you’d like to reserve the Gazebo use the booking form to make your request
  • Your booking request will be reviewed and confirmed within a week via email
  • The calendar below lists only major booked events to provide an indication of availability; note that your booking request is provisional until you receive confirmation via email

Full garden rules and party guidelines are below.

upcoming events

January 2021 (exact date TBC): Annual General Meeting of the Royal Crescent Garden Committee

June 2021 (exact date TBC): Annual Residents’ Summer Party

June 2021 (exact date TBC): London Open Garden Squares Weekend


Need a key?

To arrange a key to the garden, please contact

Note that the Key Secretary requires a deposit of £50, refundable when you return the key upon leaving the Crescent.

Rules for the Garden and for parties in the Garden

The Crescent Garden is for the enjoyment of all those entitled to use it and, to this end, the following rules apply:

  • The Crescent Garden is private and access is only permitted to bona-fide residents of Royal Crescent who pay a garden rate as part of their Council Tax and have obtained a key from the Key Secretary on payment of a deposit of £50. Keys must be returned by the key holder to the Key Secretary on leaving the Crescent, when their deposit will be returned. Key holders must not lend their keys.
  •  Guests are welcome but must be accompanied by a key holder, who is responsible for them. Anyone using the Crescent Garden does so at their own risk.
  • Please be considerate and respectful of your neighbours at all times when using the Crescent Garden. Anti-social and disorderly behaviour will not be tolerated and the police can be called if this occurs.
  • Dogs are not allowed in the Crescent Garden under any circumstances.
  • Games with hard balls, such as football or cricket, are not permitted. It is not the Committee’s intention to prevent young children playing with a soft ball but vigorous games with hard or heavy balls played by adults or children are not allowed. Please keep games away from the flower beds.
  • Personal training: please do not attach TRX or similar training devices to the Gazebo or trees in the Garden and please do not stand or put muddy trainers on the benches.
  • Climbing of trees, railings, sheds or decorative structures is forbidden. The hanging of hammocks (or other objects) from trees is also forbidden.
  • Picking of flowers, damaging of plants, walking on flower beds, digging or planting is prohibited. Please ensure children do not damage plants/flowers while playing.
  • Children’s bicycles are welcome in the Crescent Garden provided that they are kept to strictly to the paths.
  • Residents are welcome to have parties, but for parties of more than fifteen, whether for adults or children, prior permission should be obtained from a member of the Garden Committee. 
  • Music is not allowed without permission from the Garden Committee and only then at weekends. Any music played at weekends must be kept to reasonable levels and should finish by 10 pm.
  • All rubbish must be taken out of the Crescent Garden, including disposable barbecues, for disposal in your own dustbin.
  • Bicycles must not be chained to the railings or chained and left inside the Crescent Garden. They may be removed if they are.

Rules for parties in the Crescent Garden

In addition to the Garden Rules, we ask party givers to: 

  • BE CONSIDERATE – at all times for other residents in the way you run your party. Residents should not have to complain about excessive noise, anti – social behaviour and rubbish you have left behind.
  • End parties by 10pm and 
  • Clear up at the end of the evening
  • Bring in powerful torches and bin bags to do the clearing quickly and effectively. You should also do a check the next morning to ensure everything has been cleared up.
  • Take all rubbish/bin bags out of the garden when you clear up and put them with your dustbins. Bags left in the Garden attract foxes and rats – who then scatter the contents – which is a health hazard. 
  • Understand that MUSIC IS NOT ALLOWED WITHOUT PERMISSION AND THEN ONLY AT WEEKENDS. The shape of the Crescent buildings magnify noise from the Garden.  Even at weekends, amplified music is positively discouraged and any music at weekend parties should be kept to reasonable levels and stop by 10pm. The use of ‘silent discos’ seems to work well and is encouraged. 
  • Keep all noise to a sensible level so that residents are not disturbed in their homes
  • Make sure the gates are kept shut or manned by a sensible person and intruders kept out. 
  • Know how to contact the Police quickly if problems arise. 
  • Provide large visible ashtrays/sand buckets for smokers; do not permit fag ends to be thrown on the garden.  These will need to be picked up at the end of the party which is a nightmare – so save yourself the trouble and make sure guests use sand buckets/ashtrags!
  • If you are having a barbecue, please do this carefully and:
    • Having a bucket of water/fire blanket close by in case of fire 
    • Clean up the barbecues after use and put them back by the wooden shed.
    • Do not use barbecues near the trees. The heat scorches the trees which leads to irreparable damage.
    • Keep disposable barbecues UP ON A STAND OFF THE GRASS AND NOT ON THE TABLES 
    • KEEP ALL BARBECUES AWAY FROM THE GAZEBO AND CENTRAL STONE AREA AND THE TREES (oil/fat is very hard to remove from old York stone and charcoal cinders discolour the stone/gravel)
  • Bicycles must not be padlocked to our railings 
  • Keep active games well away from the flower beds to help protect our plants 
  • Understand that Residents and guests use the Garden strictly at their own risk.